Teeth Whitening

A bright smile and healthy looking teeth are a matter of course in these days. They are the condition of success in private life and work. That is why teeth whitening become more and more a requested service in dental care.

Nobody has got natural perfect white teeth.,The common color is a light shade of yellow. Except connately inclinations is also smoking, drinking coffee or tea, or usage of the medicine which influence the teeth color.

The teeth whitening can be done in two ways. The method of home teeth whitening that is requesting several days of a whitening procedure repeating, or one-shot teeth whitening at the dental clinic. The idea about perfect white teeth is very individual and the expectations are usually higher than following reality.

For reaching the perfect white teeth it is better to visit the specialists at the dental clinic. The teeth whitening is provided by peroxide gel by different levels of dosage. The gel is activated by plasma or laser lamps. These technologies offer easy, safe and a perfect way of reaching the optimal, natural teeth whitening. The whitening effect of active components is that they go through the enamel into the deep structure of teeth where they solubilize the organic colors. The longevity of the final result is related to the starting color and following of so called “white diet”. The complete rules for following the white diet will be given to you before the teeth whitening procedure by the receptionists at Elite Dental.