Introduction to the prices

We are the aesthetical dental clinic and our philosophy is offering painless quality care while the doctor has enough time to take care of you and use the top quality equipment and materials.

We know that the first impression is very important and a beautiful smile is the sign of the success.

Our original idea was to build a hospital but very soon we found out that the only one thing can be done properly at once. That is why we decided to turn into stomatology and we are very good at it.

Lower prices and the co-operation with the health insurance company would not have allowed us to give care on a good quality level. The doctors are often pre-occupied by senseless bureaucracy bringing only delays and to survive they have to save on the things these are the most important for us and the quality result of the treatment – the time and used material.Dental Treatment Plan

We will discuss with you the individual dental treatment plan and we will modify it to your financial possibilities. We will explain you tooth by tooth why it is important to endure the medical help and how long it will take you to get a perfect and healthy smile.

Examinations and Procedures Average time spent Price in EUR
Comprehensive examination for children 45 min  EUR 36
Comprehensive examination with full panoramic X-Ray 60 min EUR 55
Dental hygiene 75 min EUR 70
White fillings (incl.  dental dam) 60 min from EUR 119
Root canal treatment 30-90 min from EUR 129
Extraction 15-60 min from EUR 99
Full ceramic crown CEREC® 180 min EUR 499
Ceramic veneers 90-180 min EUR 550 per one tooth
In-office whitening Philips ZOOM! whitespeed 180 min EUR 490
Implant Straumann SLActive® distal 1-3 visits EUR 979
Implant Straumann SLActive® frontal 1-3 návštěvy EUR 1069
Hollywood smile 3 & 3 ceramic CEREC® veneers 2 visits EUR 1799
Invisible braces from EUR 2199

Experience top quality customer service

1.  Refreshments

The water is always ready and our receptionists will make you coffee or tea.

2. Transportation

For our clients, we have agreed the contract with cars  Audi A6 from the companies Tick Tack and Modry Andel. Price for transportation in Prague is covered by the clinic when the client comes for a  procedure worth more than 10.000 CZK.  Otherwise the price is 25 CZK per km, plus 30 CZK admission fee. Cash or credit cards are accepted. You can ask our receptionists about calling a taxi before your procedure.

3. Absolute privacy and family

Each of our doctors has his own office and if you have a family we can organize your appointments in the time you can come all together.

We are aware many clients cannot bear strangers with so delicate matters such as visiting the dentist. Therefore, we offer “absolute privacy”. This means, for larger and longer procedures we are able to close the whole clinic for you on Friday afternoon and thus achieve the desired result. Not necessarily only for the individuals, but also for families, businesses, friends, etc.