Periodonititis Treatment

It looks like nothing happens for a long time. Out of nowhere you have to rescue everything possible.

Periodontitis, well known between the people as Parodontitis is a very insidious illness.

The danger of Periodontitis is not only in the looseness of your teeth. The health of oral cavity is closely related to the health condition of the overall body.

The experts in the U.S.A. claim that Periodontitis for pregnant women increases up to seven times a miscarriage or premature child with low birth weight. Thanks to the right treatment of the gums it would be possible to avoid every fifth premature birth.

Periodontitis also increases the health problems to people with atherosclerosis, disease of the heart, lungs or diabetes. It also increases the risk of a stroke.

What Periodontitis is

It is a very widespread illness. It affects one third of all Czechs between 35 – 40 years old, without the sex difference (with the higher age of frequency is increasing). It is very important to discover the existence of the gum inflammation and suppress it. If possible, earlier than the inflammation would affect the dental bone bed and suspension system of the tooth.

In what age?

“Periodontitis is the most often reason of teeth looseness over the age of forty. If we examine the young around the age of 19, we realize that up to 90% of them have some form of infection” says MUDr. Marcela Buriankova from the Elite Dental clinic.


  • Gum bleeding
  • The formation of periodontal pockets
  • Bone (reabsorbption) loss
  • Tooth necks stripping
  • Halitosis


  • Heredity
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Crooked teeth
  • Smoking – the Parodontosis on the smokers appears seven times more often than non-smokers



Parodontosis is contagious. The patient can spread the bacteria, causing it, to his/her relatives.

The basic rule is to follow the rules of dental hygiene and avoid the transfer of infected bacteria. It is valid even more for the transfer between the parents and the infant while first teeth are cutting. The parent should never lick the infant’s spoon or pacifier.


Periodontitis is not possible to heal. But, it is always possible to suppress its expansion and keep it in the chronic stage. The biggest work is not relying on the doctor – it must be done by the patient. Especially, passionately and precisely do the oral hygiene, following the instructions from the periodontologist office – the dentist specialized in Periodontitis treatment.

  1. Deep cleaning, called curettage, is provided manually (by special curettage tools), by laser or ultra-sound (through under gum handpiece). During the close curettage the periodontal pockets, having the max. depth 5 mm, are cleaned. If the pockets are deeper the open curettage must be done. The gum is open, the hard plaque is removed and the tissue underneath is cleaned in the dentist’s office. Altogether the gum is tacked together.
  2. Driven tissue and bone regeneration. The synthetic bone is used for the filling of bone defects. It is possible to use the patient’s, taken most of the time from the bottom wisdom teeth area. Overlaid bone, called bone augmentation is usually used with synthetic collagen membrane to eliminate the penetration of unwanted cells of the soft tissues.
  3. Splinting with the special splint is the most used for the repairing of the loose bottom cutters – they have the thinnest roots and the most plague bulid up on them. The splint, usually metal, is placed behind them to become invisible. It is fixed by photo-composite and as the anchors the cuspids are used (they have the longest root leading to the maxillary, they do not loosen very often.
  4. The exctraction of the teeth and applying the implants. The farthest, but the only method, is to cure finally the Perodontitis.

What is what?


Together tide connected tissues around the tooth. It is included the gum, jawbone forming the tooth bed, ligament and dental cement (outline tissues covering the root). Periodontal assures the firmness of the teeth, regulates the stress during chewing, and fulfills the nutrition and restorative functions. Unfortunatley beacause of the complicated structure it usually inclines to various illness’ very easily.


It is chronic gums infection. The dental plague caused by the gums infection is one of the most often human illnesses. The first sign is redness, gum edge swelling and bleeding appearing during brushing the teeth or chewing gum. More than 80% of the people suffer from this form of gingivitis, if it is not adequately treated on time, it can become to change to feared Perodontitits


It is called by the people Parodontosis, or Pyorrhoea. It is an inflammatory disease of the hanging teeth apparatus.  The gum inflammation is going to the bone tooth bed and hanging teeth apparatus. Perodontitis can be the question not only of one tooth but several teeth and can even affect the whole set of teeth. It is one of the most frequent infections of the human body and if it is not cured on time, it is causing the tooth looseness or the whole set of teeth. PERIODONTAL POCKETS

It is the main symptom of more advanced Perodontitis. Periodontal pockets appear between the tooth by rolling deep gum grooves around the tooth that is only 0,5 mm at the heathy tooth. The reason is breaching of the hanging teeth apparatus and looseness of the tooth bed bones.