Pediatric Dentistry

It is possible to avoid the dental caries by the right care of buccal cavity from child birth. The dental hygienists will inform you about the right care order and the dentist of Elite Dental specialized in the Pediatric Dentistry and children treatment. They will be pleased to give you useful information about the sufficient nutrition, dental hygiene, impact of the fluorides on the tooth and removal of some bad habits.

Complex entry checkup for children

The target of the first checkup on children is to gain detailed information about the hard and soft tissues condition of buccal cavity. Also, we want to get the information from the parents about their ideas and wishes, or current difficulties of the child. Based on this information the dentist will organize the treatment plan. During the first visit the dentist will also inform you about the dental hygiene and the way of feeding in relation to healthy development of teeth.

This checkup within the pediatric dentistry includes the following execution:

  • Making of the surveillance panorama X-ray (OPG – orthopantogram) – for children of 5 years or older.
  • Making of detailed digital RVG scans of teeth, eventually “bite-wing” scans for the interdental space checkup and the space under the fillings of back teeth.
  • Detailed tooth and gum checkup with help of magnifying glasses, eventually intraoral, the check of the quality and functionality of current fillings and discovery of the children’s dental hygiene level.
  • Deliberation with the parent regarding to the treatment steps.
  • Estimation of the teeth and gums standing in orthodontics prevention and needs

The work with child’s psyche

The target of the dentist taking care of children at Elite Dental is a sensitive mindset considering their psychological aspect. The visit of dentist is a stressful matter for everbody and only the gentle mindset with sufficient explanation by children talk during the treatment can minimize the stress. For the children with a bad experience at the dentists we work step by step on the basis of often appointments. During these visits the child is getting use to the dentist, the dental team and the atmosphere of the dental clinic even there is no necessity of the dental execution. When the child understands that nobody wants to hurt him/her, we can start with small and short lasting procedures. With this mindset we already succeeded with many fearful and non-treatable children and turn them into the smiling children who are not afraid of the dentist’s visit.

Fissures Sealing

The Fissures sealing is a preventative procedure that has a function of defendin the newly cutting teeth against the tooth caries. We can reach it by covering the most receptive spots for a cavity by special sealing material and close it to dangerous micro-organisms. The entry to these hardly cleaning parts of the tooth means tooth groove localized especially on the chewing surface of the molars and premolars. The ideal time for the sealing is the time period soon after the tooth cutting. In that time the grooves are still not occupied by the micro-organisms (bacteria) which are causing the caries and that is why the sealing has the biggest chance to long lasting success in Pediatric Dentistry.

The Dental Ozone treatment

The ozone-therapy avoids the occurrence of the caries by a chemical way – it is appealing on nearly all known bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms. The bacteria are responsible for the caries appearance. With the dental ozone we can remove the initial phases of the caries, to disinfect the tooth during the caries treatment or tooth root treatment, also it is the cure for the cold sores and thrush.