Dental Implants

The oral implantology field recorded a rocketing increase in the last few years.

There are two “classical” methods offered to replace one or more teeth at the same time:

  • The bridge – cannot be used every time
  • Dentures (“false teeth”) can be used but they are uncomfortable and a discreditable solution for the patients in these days

The modern Oral Implantology offers other solutions:

The dental implant replaces the tooth altogether with its root and using the on demand shaped crown. This solution is the most comfortable and aesthetically sophisticated for the patient.

One of the most advantages is to apply the implant right after the tooth extraction. It can be done in case the gum bone and the tissues around are in the good condition. The teeth imprint is done immediately and a temporary crown is put on. This means you go home with “a new tooth” right after your appointment at the dentist. Your “new tooth” cannot be identified by anyone with the prosthetic replacement. The longevity of the dental implant lasts for decades. If you are interested in dental implant matters, do not hesitate to contact our specialists at Elite Dental. They are ready to give you all the necessary information to help you make the right decision.

The dental implant application can be done in analog-sedation upon a client’s request. It is a condition in which the patient feels no fear, no pain, and it is achieved by using pharmaceutical agents.

Clinical Case

Initial situation: Missing first molar in mandible on the left

This crown was fabricated by A. Schönenberger – Dental Technologist

The only X-ray image that exposes what hides beneath this tooth: a Straumann Implant.

The crown is cemented onto the implant, just like in conventional tooth replacement procedures, and blends in perfectly with the existing row of teeth in both color and shape:

Images Courtesy of Dr. D. Hess, Private Practice, St. Gallen