Endodontics – Root canal treatment

Endodontic is the treatment of the root canals and its complications. The reason of an inflammation is micro-organisms, originated very often by scruffy, unidentified or poorly treated dental caries, which is spreading into depth and close to  the pulp cavity.

The second most often reason are complications, which appear  secondarily after previously  wrongly proceeded treatment of root canals or teeth injury. The infliction of dental pulp is often very painful and becomes  an urgent matter  for a visit  at the dentist. The target of the treatment is to  remove the bacterial  infection from the tooth. It is a treatment of  the complicated root canal system inside the tooth by endodontics. The treatment by itself consists in complex cleaning and hermetic sealing. Only the canal sealed this way can protect the other penetration of bacteria from the tooth into the bone and appearance of more complications, as bone infection in the area of the tooth root neb, the cysts or lasting pain. The base of quality treatment besides the doctor’s and his/her assistant’s knowledge and experience is the corresponding equipment of the clinic. The Elite Dental clinic is equipped with technical background which makes the root canal treatment easier, faster and brings new quality into this field. The execution provided in local anesthetics is matter of course. The quality treatment applied onto the affected tooth, that could have had been extracted, is saved for the rest of your life.