Our granmohters have already been saying that for each baby the woman pays with one tooth. This saying should have reflected the fact that there is higher dental dacay during pregnancy.

There are a lot of myths about the teeth among the people. For example, the fetus inside the womb is taking the calcium away from the woman’s teeth and that is why her teeth spoil more.

“This is not absolutely the truth. The woman’s body is really requesting of getting more calcium during pregnancy and it is important that the woman gets more calcium. It is not possible that the developing fetus would have taken the calcium from the teeth of the woman for its own need.” MDDr Victor Kolarik, stomatologist at Elite Dental clinic described. Despite that doctors still meet the women whose teeth condition has been getting worse during pregnancy.

“It is caused by more circumstances. The pregnant women suffer nausea at the begging of their pregnancy going along with the higher acidity in their mouths. This leads to the disruption of strength and integrity in teeth enamel. It is more prone to the cavitation inception.” the doctor explains. Nausea and stomach hyperexcitability together with hypersensitivity to aroma and toothpaste taste are the reasons leading the pregnant women not to perform the oral hygiene so carefully as it should be done. This becomes evident on the teeth condition.The teeth cariosity in some of the women is supported by pregnancy cravings. High level of the sugar in the sweets and fruit acids, which are not only an ingredient of the fruits, but also of many sweets, they are also increasing the potency of the dental caries. The positive information in this way is that the discomfort and pregnancy cravings are usually subsided after the first trimester. The women can return back without any problems to the ordinary oral hygiene and regular menu.Another factor causing decondition of the buccal caxity is hormonal fluctuation which can lead to sublimed gums bleeding.“If the pregnant woman notices the gums bleeding, it is suitable to replace the toothbrush for a softer one. Equally together with it the appointment at the dentist should be made. The dentist will check the gums condition and in case of need recommends the visit of the dental hygientist.” the doctor said.For many women the improvement of the gums condition happens spontaneously after the childbirth and everything goes back to normal. In case the gums bleeding still persist it is necessary to make appointment at the dentist and start to solve the problem.