Dental Hygiene

The dental hygiene term is still unknown for most of the people. We can easily say, it is an advanced method of dental care. You can prevent a lot of dental complications by dental hygiene – dental caries occurrence, gingivitis, Parodontosis, and many others.

What is the job of the Dental hygienist? It is instructional, preventing and treating care for healthy gums and teeth.

The treatment done by the Dental Hygienist at Elite Dental includes:

  • The first global checkup (the survey about the family and personal anamneses, snapping of the teeth condition and level of the mouth hygiene, parodontal checkup, evaluation of the parodontosis level and soft tissues).
  • Provide the treatment plan
  • Training about dental hygiene, its practice and recommendation of suitable oral hygiene facilitators for home care
  • Removal of the dental caries by hand instruments, ultra-sound or laser
  • Professional teeth cleaning, tooth discoloration removal (dark or black spots on the teeth
    caused by smoking, drinking coffee, tea, red wine and eating other color food) and tooth polishing – depuration, Air-flow Parodontosis treatment
  • Local teeth fluoridation for children and adults
  • Treatment of the sensitive teeth necks and furcation defect
  • Fissure sealing (preventive fillings)
  • Adjustment of overhanging fillings
  • Teeth whitening

The care of a Dental Hygienist is intended for everyone who really takes care of the teeth and wants to keep them healthy and beautiful for rest of the life.