The sound of the dental drill is a nightmare of many patients who visit the dental clinic. The modern dentistry is not only referring to this type of the dental caries treatment.

The dental ozone can be also used for the treatment of teeth attacked by the dental caries.

The treatment of dental caries with unpleasant drilling when the damaged tooth tissue is mechanically removed is the the dream of many patients. That is why the Elite Dental clinic offers to its clients the solution. The dental caries treatment is done without drilling.

“For the small dental caries, the ones which are affecting only the tooth enamel, it is possible to use the dental ozone, which means the gas. Its effect is having the disinfecting effects impacting also on the tooth decay caused by cariogenic bacteria. This treatment is completely painless and it is the most suitable for children and fearful patients.” MDDr. Victor Kolarik from Elite Dental explains.The usage of the dental ozone is very simple, the tooth attacked by the cavity is cleaned and consequently the gas is applied on the lesion. The spot is treated by the liquid consisting of the fluorine afterwards. It will support the re-mineralization of the enamel. The advantage of the treatment also is that the cariogenic bacteria are not able to reside on the surface of tooth treated by the dental ozone for some time. This is also supporting the re-mineralization process of the tooth enamel that is becoming even stronger.

If the patient is scared of the dental drill it should be his/her own interest to go for the regular dental checkups in the time period of six months. The dental caries can be discovered in the beginning phase during the regular dental checkups and the dental caries can be treated by dental ozone without problems then. If the patient doesn’t go for the checkups regularly, there is a risk of the dentine being affected by the dental caries. The dentine is the part of the tooth under the enamel. “In case of the deep dental cavities affecting the dentine then the treatment can be done only by a dental drill. The dental ozone can only be used to disinfect the cavity in these cases. It is avoiding that the dental cavity would still be expanding under the tooth filling and affecting even deeper parts of the tooth” the doctor adds.

If the dental ozone treatment of dental caries is used, we assume that the patient will continue in careful care of his/her teeth.

“Beside the regular and careful oral hygiene it is also suitable to support the recovery of the enamel by usage of the agents containing fluorine. These should also be the reduction of sugar receiving. It is not only for regeneration of treated tissue but also the prevention of another dental caries appearance” the doctor says.