Expert Team and Our Clinic

Our team

At our clinic there work top doctors with experience not only from Czech clinics, but also from foreign clinics and universities. You will find all the stomatological service in one place. Mainly it is conserving stomatology, child stomatology, dental hygiene, endodontics, parodontology, implantology, surgery and cosmetic stomatology (bleachinng, veneers etc…)

Chief Dentist
MUDr. Zbyšek Petrovický
implantology, prosthetics

Conservative dentistry

MUDr. Magda Janíková
prosthetics, re-root canal treatment under microscope, aesthetics, ceramic veneers

MDDr. Marie Gajová
prosthetics, oral surgeon, implantology, aesthetics, ceramic veneers

MDDr. Veronika Andělová
pediatric dentistry

MDDr. Viktor Kolařík
prosthetics, root canal treatment under microscope,

Blanka Plassová

Head of dental laboratory

Expert with CEREC “in one visit” prosthetics

Orthodontics, Periodontics and Dental hygiene

MUDr. Mgr. Milada Soldánová, PhD.

MUDr. Marcela Buriánková

Dental hygienist
Lenka Rusinková, DiS.


Radka Soukupová

Barbora Šrámková, DiS.

Jarmila Stehlíková

About Elite Dental Prague clinic

Specialized dental clinic Elite Dental provides excellent dental care in all fields of dentistry. All services are found under one roof, including intensive interventions. We have ll this with minimal waiting periods and offer of an emergency treatment on the day demand.

We provide regular, so-called restorative dentistry, paediatric dentistry, oral surgery, orthodontics, treatment of periodontitis and root canals, cosmetic dentistry and implantology, including professional bleaching. As the only clinic in the Czech Republic we offer Lumineers Veneers technology, special ultrathin veneers which cover every cosmetic defect. We offer also the only 100% invisible braces INCOGNITO from 3M or Invisalign.

Our medical team works with the best devices, which we can easily identify as completely painless. We offer a treatment of dental caries or a scale with laser, thus no need to drill. This is not a sci-fi but a reality. With us, you will get an idea of what is dentistry in third millennium.