The current market offers many good quality toothpastes. If you think that you use one of the most quality or expensive toothpastes and you cannot do more for your teeth, you should know that even the best toothpaste cannot do anything if you do not use the right cleaning technique.

The whole range of the special cental cleaning tools – the dental floss, interdental brushes, toothbrushes, mouthwashes and of course, the toothpastes can help you in the care of your buccal cavity.

We are usually orienting based on the price, brand, current running TV commercials and what results the producer advertise, during their preference

“The toothpastes are the ones which are refreshing our breath during the cleaning and evoke a breezy feeling. It is impossible to think that more expensive, fragrant or colorful the toothpaste is, the better it cleans our teeth and removes more of dental plaque. It doesn’t work this way. The toothpaste is not the thing replacing the right cleaning technique.” MDDr. Victor Kolarik, the dentist at the Elite Dental clinic explains.

If the person is not sure about his/her way of the teeth cleaning, he/she should visit dental hygienist who will support the cleaning training. “They will check the condition of your teeth and gums, clean the interdental space, and remove the tartar at the dental hygiene. They will also recommend you the right toothbrush and suitable sized interdental brushes which you can take care of the interdental space with every day.  It is the space where the common toothbrush is ineffective. “ the doctor adds.

Even though the toothpaste doesn’t replace the right mechanical teeth cleaning, it is suitable to select it carefully. The toothpastes can be containing the range of active ingredients, for example chlorhexidine. These toothpastes are determined to the patients with gingivitis and periodontal. Also, there does exist toothpaste reducing the sensitivity of exposed dental necks or even the whitening toothpastes.

So, if you pick the toothpaste, focus also on these influences. It is still valid that dental plaque is not removed by any effective substance but you can improve the condition of your gums and other tissues of your buccal cavity with it.” the doctor adds.

Apart from your interest should not be also the toothpastes enriched by fluorine.
“Fluorine is important for tooth enamel. If you use the toothpaste with this element, you support the re-mineralization of tooth enamel by a natural way during the cleaning. It is especially important for small children where the fluoridation is very advisable.” the doctor ends.