Gentle and delicate treatment of caries. Since the early ages of the stomatology there has existed only one possible way of treating a caries – drilling and filling the cavity. For many decades the patients have been dreaming about a miraculous technology, which would change the way of an examination. We are living in the third millennium and it has been two years already, since apparatus like that exists. It is called HealOzone.

HealOzone eliminates caries painlessly, without the need to drill. If it is necessary to drill, it is only in case of very deep caries. HealOzone generates the ozone from the air, transfers it to the needed location and it is safely neutralized after the treatment. The clinic tests prove, that ozone is able to destroy 999 999 thousands of bacteria from 1million in just 20 seconds. It concerns bacteria, whose products of metabolism participate on rise of lactic acid, which implicates dental caries. The ozone penetrates into 3 millimeters of the dental tissue. It also works for infected tissue and with an examination there is no need of any injection or any other anesthesia. The ozone has not got any contraindication.

HealOzone can painlessly treat

  • Dental caries
  • Gingivitis
  • Herpes
  • Thrush
  • Disinfect root canals